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We believe that responsible cannabis use can enrich life. It’s our mission to provide the best cannabis seeds for any circumstance.

Our Story

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Kera is a Souvenir Seed Company, established in the heart of the Netherlands. Back in the days of activism, the founder of Kera Seeds had a revelation about the social-cultural importance of ancient cannabis. With a background in research and sales, Kenneth focussed on gathering information about the genesis of strains. During the start of his career, he worked for well-known cannabis brands like Soft Secrets. His knowledge, experience, research, and development are the basis for the high-quality cannabis products of Kera.

The kind-hearted professional shared his findings with like-minded individuals. Knowledge expansion resulted in a new way of preserving seeds and improving genetics. Next to his true belief in the value of cannabis for society, Kenneth is a tranquil family man. Nowadays his focus is on anchoring cannabis products in modern society by advising both small and large companies about the commercial opportunities of cannabis products.

Kenneth tends to avoid the online world but is well known both as a visitor and as a contestant of cannabis events. He keeps it simple by saying: “Nobody can smell or taste online so I promote cannabis products offline.”¬†

As both a visionary and entrepreneur, he was the first in Europe to recognize the efforts and high value of strains that are perfected in the USA. He is still keen on new opportunities and offers his knowledge and network to creative entrepreneurs. His belief to serve society resulted in a selective but very high-quality range of medical cannabis products in the Kera portfolio.

The results of Kenneth’s dedication: genetically perfect seeds with long storage, strong plants, very rich flowering, easy drying, lovely taste and aroma, and a potent but balanced influence on body and mind. […!…]

Kera offers a variety of classic cannabis varieties as well as new varieties. Classic, feminised and autoflower seeds with the latest genetics. It is Kera’s mission to offer the highest quality cannabis seeds and add value as a cannabis industry leader.

Kenneth’s cult website recently changed into this “horribly commercial webshop but I agree if it helps people”. The available original products with genetic improvements result in better preservation, growth, taste, and experience. Send Kenneth a message, we will relay (read: print, and show) your message and return his response.