Cannabis seeds: pre-sales information

Growing your own cannabis

Homegrown cannabis has a bright future. Not only it becomes socially acceptable, it also becomes legal in many places in the world to grow and use cannabis for recreational or medical reasons. Fact is, you have to buy cannabis seeds before collecting or growing cannabis and before using your own cannabis. 

This article has informational content about buying the best cannabis seeds, growing your own cannabis plants and risks and advantages. 

Table of contents

  1. Grow inside or outside?
  2. What seeds to use?
  3. Using your own cannabis

Grow inside or outside?

First consider your circumstances. option. Growing cannabis indoors or in a greenhouse has the advantage that it is possible to influence the environmental conditions, monitor the plants and ensure that each plant reaches its maximum potential.

What seeds to use?

The availability of many types of cannabis strains is one of the reasons for the increasing popularity of cannabis. It is possible to buy a cannabis seed for most personal wishes and local circumstances. But before buying the perfect cannabis seed you have to find it, read more or try using our cannabis seeds filter.

A variety of cannabis seeds

Cannabis strains

There are a lot of characteristics of cannabis strains you can use for selecting the seed what fits your wishlist.

  1. Aroma: what is a good good smoke without a recognizable smell? The aromatic compounds that determine the scent are called terpenes. Preclinical studies have identified therapeutic benefits that are associated with terpenes.
  2. Taste: experiencing life one inhale at a time! The hedonic properties are offered via a range of cannabis taste sensations, fruity, herbal, bubblegum, woodsy, cheese, earthy, chocolate etc etc.
  3. Climate: choose the seeds that best fit your circumstances. When growing inside you can replicate temperature, humidity and light cycle. When growing outside you need to choose seeds for dry & hot climates like in Africa or Asia or seeds for wet & cool climates like in Europe.
  4. Size: Sizes from cannabis plants vary from roughly 50 cm to 350 cm. Do you want the plant to be seen or not? Is there a maximum height and width of the growing location?
  5. Time till flowering: Flowering time varies from 6 weeks till 18 weeks. How many weeks do you have available for growing a cannabis plant?
  6. Yield: Best advice is to choose quality over quantity. With better quality you may need less quantity. How much cannabis do you need?
  7. THC level: this is the main psychoactive ingredient of cannabis. The potency or strength is often considered to influence the intensity of the high that is associated with recreational use.
  8. CBD level: this is not psychoactive the same as THC. CBD is associated with medical use, some research studies concluded that cannabis potentially can help with medical conditions like anxiety, epilepsy, and chronic pain.

Strain varieties

Many, if not all strains have a variety of seeds available. These three varieties are the most common:

Regular seeds

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Seeds sometimes also referred to as “classic seeds” are not bred. These are unmodified seeds that come 50% male and 50% female and will flower with the natural need for changes in the light cycle.

Advantages of regular seeds

  • If you prefer back to basic then this provides that option;
  • If you want to have new seeds then this provides that option since 50% are male cannabis plants that produce seeds instead of buds.

Regular cannabis seeds are without gender modification. Plants will be around 50% female and 50% male.
Female plants result in flowers that can be consumed, male plants are not for consumption.
Regular seeds are typically ordered by people who enjoy old school growing and/or prefer to have male plants too because of the seeds and breeding plants.

Feminised seeds

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Seeds also referred to as “female seeds” are bred: male chromosomes are eliminated so the seeds only produce female plants that have cannabis buds. These seeds will flower with the need for change in the light cycle.

Advantages of feminised seeds

  • It avoids maintaining plants that later prove to be male and have to be removed;
  • Growing space is for plants that produce buds only, this ensures higher yield per square metre;
  • Making mother plants for ensuring product uniformity is also possible with feminised seeds.

Feminised cannabis seeds are modified which results in 95% female en 5% male plants.
Female plants result in flowers that can be consumed, male plants are not.
Feminised seeds are the most ordered seeds, growers often prefer to grow female plants in a photoperiod light cycle.

Autoflower seeds

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Seeds also referred to as “autoflowering seeds”are modified so they change to flowering without the need for a different light cycle. Autoflowering seeds are less complex to grow as other varieties, it will flower anyway.

Advantages of autoflower seeds

  • Usually these plants are low height what is convenient for cultivation in less than ideal growing conditions;
  • Usually THC levels are lower while CBD levels are higher, making it perfect for medical users;
  • It grows fast, what may open the possibility for 2 harvests in one summer;
  • It can grow almost all year, including temperature fluctuations, on the condition that it doesn’t become too cold;
  • Capable of resisting mould and pests.

Autoflower cannabis seeds are modified in order to force it to be female plants with a blooming period that starts after a specified number of days.
Autoflower seeds are often ordered by people who want to grow a specific number of days, independent of the photoperiod light cycle.

Cannabis plant


Cannabis Sativa plant
Cannabis leaf


Cannabis Sativa leaf
Dried cannabis bud


Cannabis bud dried and ready for consumption

Using your own cannabis

Common ways of consuming dried cannabis buds is via smoking or baking.Like most medicines, cannabis in general and especially THC, induce side effects. Always consider the risks, especially if you’re a novice user. CBD can mute THC side effects and result in a more relaxed experience

Inhalation delivery

When smoking weed, the high often lasts up to 3 hours. With cannabis edibles, this can take much longer, because edibles bind to fats in your body. There are just two types of inhalation: smoking and vaporisation.

Vaping cannabis


Vaping cannabis
Cannabis spliff


Smoke a cannabis spliff
Cannabis bong


Smoke cannabis with a bong
Cannabis brownie


Brownie with cannabis
Cake with cannabis


Cake with cannabis
Candy with cannabis


Candy with cannabis inside
CBD oil


Oil based on cannabidiol

Oral delivery

With cannabis edibles the high can last up to a day, because edibles bind to fats in your body. There are many types of cannabis edibles: food, drinks, tinctures, CBD oil, dissolvable cannabinoid powder and capsules. Famous examples are space cakes and the cannabis brownies.