How To Roll A Joint?

A quick and easy method to roll a good joint

Practicing Joint-rolling Is Fun Smoking joints is a popular technique for smoking marijuana. That is why practicing joint-rolling the old-school method is a cultural rite of passage for several cannabis users. Also, novice tokers may learn how to roll their joint by following a few basic steps, making it possible for anybody to get started. […]

Highlife Cup 2018

HighLife Cup 2018

The Highlife Cup is the best known Cannabis cup in Europe, possibly even from all over the world. The weed seeds from Keraseeds score a top ranking every year within the Highlife Cup! More than 30 seed producers participate in the Highlife Cup and hundreds of seeds are submitted for qualification. Below an overview of […]

Canadian cannabis producer is going to grow weed in Europe!

Canadian cannabis producer is going to grow weed in Europe!

One of the largest medicinal cannabis growers is going to invest heavily in growing weed in Europe. Canopy Growth allocates 100 million euros over the next two years to production facilities in Italy, Spain or Greece! The reason for these countries is the climate preference. The objective is to grow tons of cannabis every quarter. […]

Senior officials manipulate research into drug policy

From complaints of the WODC shows that the government has tried to interfere several times in the results of the investigation. The WODC conducts research commissioned by the Ministry of Security and conducts research into drug policy in the Netherlands, among other things.   Since 2014 it appears that the conclusions about the legalization of weed […]

Looking for a coffee shop where you can still smoke inside?

If it is up to State Secretary Blokhuis of Health, this will become increasingly difficult. To further limit smoking, Blokhuis wants no more than that a tobacco blow can be smoked in the coffee shop. You can still smoke in a coffee shop if the tobacco is replaced by a herbal angel. As soon as […]

Cannabis is the billion-dollar industry!

Cannabis is an emerging billion-dollar industry in which the Netherlands is lagging behind. While countries such as Canada, America and various European countries are making the leap, the Netherlands is sticking to outdated legislation that is no longer resident in the current economic era. Canada’s cannabis industry is currently worth more than 55 billion euros! […]

Leaf problems – What to do

Are you a hobby grower or a professional grower then you definitely recognize this problem. Discolored sheets, aphids you name it. The most important thing with leaf problems is to make the right diagnosis. If you don’t know what’s wrong, you don’t know what to do either. This can also be a cause and effect […]

How do you create your own type of weed

Keraseeds has decades of experience within the cannabis industry in several areas. In this article we will explain how you can make your own variation / strain. This is not a difficult process, but it is very instructive. You start just like with everything mother nature creates with 2 parents. Normally you cannot choose them, […]


Hydroculture cultivation is simply water-based cultivation. This is the most advanced way of growing cannabis so far. According to professional growers, this also yields the best results. With Hydro cultivation it is important to dose the food correctly, which makes it difficult to grow. With Hydro cultures it is important that the roots are absolutely […]

Your own cannabis system

In recent years studies have shown that your brain has a cannabis system, namely the endocannabinoid system. How does this work? You have neurons and neural circuits. Neurons are long cells that keep their distance from each other. This distance is bridged by. These travel from one cell to another and attach themselves to molecules. […]