Is it possible that cannabis will spoil?

Is it possible that cannabis will spoil?

Is it possible that cannabis will spoil? There is no definitive expiration date on cannabis, just like food. However, this does not mean that your cannabis will be the same if you leave it for months. It all depends on how you saved it. Your weed will still look the same after a long time. […]

How do I improve my cannabis harvest?

How do I improve my cannabis harvest

How do I improve my cannabis harvest? Growing cannabis can be a lengthy process. We understand that you ultimately want to be rewarded with a good harvest. However, the end results can sometimes be disappointing. How can you ensure that you get the best results from your cannabis plants? There are a number of things […]

Leaf problems – What to do

Are you a hobby grower or a professional grower then you definitely recognize this problem. Discolored sheets, aphids you name it. The most important thing with leaf problems is to make the right diagnosis. If you don’t know what’s wrong, you don’t know what to do either. This can also be a cause and effect […]


Hydroculture cultivation is simply water-based cultivation. This is the most advanced way of growing cannabis so far. According to professional growers, this also yields the best results. With Hydro cultivation it is important to dose the food correctly, which makes it difficult to grow. With Hydro cultures it is important that the roots are absolutely […]

The effect of weed

There are two types of marijuana: Sativa and Indica. The operation of both types is almost identical. The plants produce cannabinoids. The ones that get the most attention are delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC, and cannabidiol (CBD). THC provides a psychoactive connection and ensures that sugar is broken down in your blood. This causes you […]

Choose your culture medium Earth, Coconut or Hydro

Which culture medium is the best? This is different for everyone and everyone also has their own preference for a type of culture medium. Make your choice by weighing the pros and cons of each type of culture medium against each other. Earth Benefits – Product of mother nature – Fuller in taste – Organic […]

Growing on coconut

Because coconut retains water for a long time, the plants receive a constant stream of nutrients and minerals. Cocos is 100% Organic and benefits the taste of the harvest! Advantages and disadvantages of growing on Cocos ” The disadvantage of growing by means of Cococ is the mourning mosquito, which means that you can expand […]

What’s the best grow room temperature?

The temperature in your grow room is very important for the photosynthesis of your marijuana plants. For example, low temperatures reduces evaporation through the leaves. The result is that the suction force, which takes up nutrients via the roots, becomes smaller. The nutrients that are necessary, but aren’t absorbed, remain in the growing medium and […]