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Medicinal Effects In Buddha Style

If you’re looking for a cannabis strain with medicinal characteristics, Medical Buddha is the best option. This indica-dominant hybrid has a high concentration of CBD, which enhances its medicinal properties. Medical Buddha is an excellent choice if you look for a high-CBD strain for medical purposes.

Although it won’t win any picture competitions, blind you with crystals, or dazzle your nose buds, medicine buddha will take your breath away and cure your emotions. Unlike several long-flowering sativas, this hybrid’s 9-week phenotypes match the highs of this strain. This strain is a throwback to the seed bank era. Moreover, Medical Buddha has a moderate yield, purple-tinged blooms with long pistils, a gentle floral purp scent, and a powerful therapeutic effect. It grows for 60-80 days and is moderately productive.

What Is A Medical Buddha?

The Medical Buddha is renowned for its fast development with 85% Big Sur Holy Bud Indica Pheno and 15% Pakistani Sativa Pheno. It is guaranteed that Medical Buddha seeds will always produce female cannabis plants since they are feminised. It originates in Pakistan and could have an earthy, fruity, spicy, piney, sour flavor. Moreover, CBD content levels are high in this new therapeutic cannabis, which is simple to cultivate and produces many. It is an excellent pharmaceutical choice.

Benefits Of Medical Buddha Cannabis Strain

The Medical Buddha cannabis has a robust sweet aroma and flavor that make it a pleasure to smoke. The plant’s medicinal characteristics, on the other hand, are the most significant. They are CBD-rich cannabis seeds with a CBD content that is ten percent greater than the standard THC concentration (9 percent ). Medical Buddha is a good choice for alleviating pain, rheumatoid arthritis complaints, and Multiple Sclerosis symptoms.

For those who don’t like the taste or smell of cannabis, Medical Buddha is a friendly alternative. However, it is often used in the medical field. We are referring to the CBD seeds at this point. The CBD concentration of this plant, which is 10% greater than THC, may help reduce pain, rheumatic diseases, and symptoms associated with multiple sclerosis. However, some potential side effects include moderate anxiety and a dry mouth.

THC’s beneficial medical benefits are partly due to this compound’s ability to lessen the euphoric effects of THC. To make things even better, it makes the user feel more euphoric and sociable, making it easier for them to communicate with others. The Medical Buddha may also help those who have trouble making friends.

Medical Buddha Smoking Affects Your Mind and Body

After the first puff, you will experience a powerful buzzing sensation in your head, followed by a sense of tranquillity and relaxation throughout your body, making this an incredible high for those nights when you’ve had a hectic day. Medical Buddha is couch-locking cannabis, so if you intend on doing anything energetic or productive, you should avoid smoking this cannabis beforehand.

Medical Buddha Growing Information

Many cannabis dispensaries and seed stores throughout the United States and Canada carry feminised seeds for this traditional Indica-dominant cannabis. You can grow this strain either indoors or outdoors, but you’ll get a much larger harvest if you move it outside.

It is well known that Medical Buddha cannabis seeds may bloom to a height of 60 to 100 cm in a short period. It may reach 100 to 140 cm when it is grown outside. The Medical Buddha may be harvested in eight weeks or less. If you’re growing outside, the harvest will take place in October. Cannabis plants grown from Medical Buddha feminised seeds are always female.

Dispensaries provide various products, from buds to medications to edibles with an earthy fragrance, for those who don’t want to grow their own.


After the enormous crop has been harvested, it’s time to enjoy the benefits of your hard work. Each flower is covered with trichomes and emits an enticing perfume of fermented fruits. If you use it, you’ll notice a wide variety of health benefits almost immediately. Whenever you want to be your most vibrant self and experience the most total possible range of life, look to Medical Buddha.

Furthermore, Medical Buddha is an excellent pick for a pot smoker looking to unwind after a hard day at the office. This strain is an ideal complement to your weed garden since it is very simple to cultivate and does not need additional feeding or care.

It's almost scary how Medical Buddha helped!
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