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Numerous individuals interested in trying marijuana or who have friends or relatives ponder, “What is the feeling of being high?” Although everyone’s experiences vary, many cannabis users feel a unique side effect when they smoke or consume marijuana.

When individuals get high on marijuana, their experience is heavily influenced by aspects that have less to do with the substance and more with the user’s responsiveness to their environment and feelings toward the persons they are with.

Moreover, the feeling of being high is a psychological one that differs from person to person. A variety of environmental factors influence how you feel while you’re high. Numerous clinical research on cannabis’ effects starts by stating that it causes calmness, lack of willpower, euphoria, changed sensations, and tiredness. On the other hand, anxiety, confusion, sleeplessness, nausea, dry mouth, panic, and hallucinations are all possible side effects. So, to fully understand, “What does it feel like being high because of cannabis?” Please continue reading.

Why Do You Get High On Marijuana?

Let’s discuss THC, which is the active chemical in cannabis that causes you high; however, it’s much more than a trigger. When THC exceeds its maximal level in the blood, many individuals experience a surge of being high.

THC reaches your bloodstream through your lungs whether you vape or smoke cannabis. It achieves maximal concentrations in your blood in only a few minutes. The component is eventually broken down and eliminated in your feces and urine. On the other hand, when you consume cannabis-infused food, your saliva deconstructs the THC. It helps break down into another chemical once it reaches your stomach, ultimately slowly moving into your body through your blood.

The effects of smoking or vaping might last up to four hours. Edible highs may last a long time in certain situations. However, the results usually go off within 24 hours. Because the percentage of THC in your blood fluctuates over time, the high you experience is determined by your tolerance. A dosage of 5 milligrams may impact you the first time you consume it, but it may not offer a similar effect if you finish 5 milligrams of edibles daily.

Lists Of Things That Influence Your Marijuana High

When it pertains to appreciating marijuana, several aspects contribute to individual preferences; however, there are numerous factors regardless of simple likes that might alter your high.

Way Of Consumption

Several cannabis intake techniques may provide more powerful and lasting effects than others. Edibles, for example, may have more intense and long-lasting impacts than smoking, although individual user preferences may vary.


It’s critical to get the proper dosage for your body. This contains a good CBD-to-THC ratio, so the cannabinoids function together via the active component.


Apart from all other aspects, your tolerance level is perhaps the most crucial factor in determining how you behave when you are high. If you’re new to cannabis, anticipate that you’ll have a poor tolerance and start with milder strains and lesser doses. Before beginning a marijuana routine, always buy from a legal dispensary and talk with a trained medical specialist.

Level Of Potency

The potency of cannabis is determined by the amount of that cannabinoid available and how that cannabinoid is distributed like vaping or eating. Cannabis with a high THC content is more potent and may cause a powerful high.


Although there are no clinical studies on terpenes’ function in making users feel high, there is an indication that certain terpenes often present in cannabis have anti-anxiety properties. Pinene, a terpene found in cannabis, has shown potential as a therapy for schizophrenia.

Strain Of Weed

Users may pick from a wide variety of marijuana strains, some well-known for specific effects. OG Kush is a crowd favorite because of its intense and euphoric high. Other strains have been said to aid with concentration and productivity.


Cannabis has varied effects on different people. Experimenting carefully is the key to selecting the correct products for you. Begin with a bit of THC in edibles and see how various cannabinoids, strains, and ingestion techniques affect your mood. Once you’ve figured out your tolerance, the cannabis industry will be your playground.
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