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Choosing amnesia cannabis for medical purposes

Medical Amnesia Is A Popular Cannabis Strain

Old And New Breeders

Amnesia is one of the most well-known strains available, and for a good reason. We take a look at historic strains that permanently impacted the cannabis industry. Many of today’s most popular breeds result from these revolutionary genetics, inspiring old and new breeders.
Seedbank of the Netherlands “Super Strains” is home to the Original Amnesia, a well-known cannabis strain known across the globe for its distinct high. Amnesia, a 1996 launch, has got to remain on top of her game, as she is one of the most sought-after smokes in today’s stoner culture and has spawned a plethora of Amnesia-related variants.
Only good things can be said about this plant. With THC levels as high as 25%, users can anticipate passing out if they smoke too much of this strain. It’s a cannabis strain plant with a Sativa-to-indica ratio of up to 90 percent Sativa and 10 percent indica.
This is a tall plant with tiny buds with softer tones than most other plants. This occurs due to a lack of chlorophyll. Except that the plant would take longer to develop, the absence of this intense pigment has little effect. Expect a blooming period of 10-16 weeks, which is a considerably longer duration than indicas, which may bloom in half the time.

The Strength And Delicacy Of The Flavor

Amnesia, like other sativas, will offer you an enthusiastic and uplifting high as soon as you take your first hit. Sativas have more THC than indicas, and Amnesia is a prime example. Not that you won’t be able to manage it, but these pals aren’t going to let you get stuck on the sofa.
This is a highly specialized strain if you’re a healthcare patient. It might be precisely what you’re seeking, but it could also be the polar opposite of what you need. This isn’t going to be your go-to before-bed strain—cancer patients take Amnesia to help them manage with their pain and nausea.
This will aid in the reduction of weariness, tension, and sadness. However, it will not alleviate your anxiousness. Only a select stoner group will love this strain since it may be a little too paranoia-inducing. It’s also great for folks who suffer from attention deficit problems since it keeps you attentive and aware.

The Top Three Amnesia Strains

When you crack open a bud, you’ll be left with a spicy smell, which will appeal to stoners who already adore Haze’s other members. The smoke is pleasant despite its richness and persistence. Overall, if you like cannabis, you will fall in love with the feelings given by this beauty.

1. Zamnesia Seeds’ Amnesia Haze

Zamnesia Seeds opted to cross the genes of the already incredible Amnesia with the Sativa Haze strain. This resulted in an explosive strain that is both popular and highly regarded. You can count on tremendous results from these buds. Its psychedelic effects are frequently characterized as lively and uplifting.
Be cautious, especially if you’re new to cannabis. This is not a strain to inhale heavily.
Take a few hits and evaluate yourself. It would help if you only contemplated smoking again when you feel like staying in control of your high.

2. Dinafem’s Original Amnesia Autoflowering

Original Amnesia Autoflowering is a Dinafem strain generated by combining the traditional Amnesia with an auto-flowering Haze. As a result, enthusiasts of an already tremendous strain now have access to a simple-to-grow seed. This seed will develop into a magnificent, fast-flowering, vigorous marijuana plant that will produce thick, wonderfully resinous buds if nurtured correctly.
This strain will have the same lovely flavors and fragrances like the original. Expect a scent of citrus cedar with touches of lemon and a robust and spicy sting.

3. By Barney’s Farm, Amnesia Lemon

Amnesia Lemon is a fantastic variation on an already incredible strain. It’s a tremendous genetic hybrid between Amnesia Haze and Lemon Skunk, two all-time outstanding cannabis strains.
It was developed in collaboration with Barney’s Farm Seeds and the renowned Soma Seeds.
The High Times Cannabis Cup was awarded to these firms in 2004 due to their partnership. Three years ago, Barney’s Farm earned the first position for Best Sativa in much the same contest for the same plant.
The exquisite flavors and smells and the strength of both lineages, contributed to the creation of this strain. Even though Sativa genetics make up just 60% of the genetics, the uplifting and intellectual high is undeniably Sativa. Her effects will immediately alert you that she contains up to 21% THC. Be ready for a huge rush. The blooming period of the Amnesia Lemon is about 8-9 weeks, which is excellent for a Haze genetic.


Despite its scarcity, Medical Amnesia is a popular strain in places where cannabis is publicly grown. Its steady, well-balanced high lends itself to both gentle and aggressive usage. It may make users talkative in particular, making it a useful complement to social settings. Alternatively, Amnesia Haze is a fantastic option for concentrating on work in an isolated situation. Smoking before bedtime is not recommended since its energy high is more likely to leave you energized than sleepy. Instead, the high and comfortable earthy taste of Amnesia Haze is excellent for a winter day spent inside.

Choosing amnesia cannabis for medical purposes
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