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Practicing Joint-rolling Is Fun

Smoking joints is a popular technique for smoking marijuana. That is why practicing joint-rolling the old-school method is a cultural rite of passage for several cannabis users. Also, novice tokers may learn how to roll their joint by following a few basic steps, making it possible for anybody to get started. Continue reading to learn the basics of rolling a joint.

What Is A Joint?

A hand-rolled cannabis cigarette is known as a joint. For the convenience of its customers, some dispensaries sell pre-rolls or joints that have already been rolled in-store. Tobacco and cannabis are found in a joint, whereas blunt cigars are hollowed out and loaded with weed which may also use rolling cannabis in thick, black tobacco sheets used for cigars to make blunts, which are more potent.

What Do You Need To Create A Joint?

Joints often need a third of a gram of marijuana. Aside from that, the following are the items that you will need in order to roll a joint of marijuana properly:

  • Grinder
  • A movable tray
  • Papers for rolling the joint
  • Crutch for the joint or the filter
  • Something like a pencil or a pair of chopsticks

How To Roll A Joint

After securing the aforementioned materials, you will need to follow the steps below.

Step 1: Grind The Cannabis.

Using a grinder, separate and uniformly grind the flower. A grinder generates uniform size and texture, resulting in a more refined, more even smoke. When you don’t have grinders, you may try to pluck the bud apart by your fingertips. However, you will need to do this carefully so that you can avoid damaging the cannabis trichomes.

Step 2: Make A Crutch.

Many weed stores provide pre-made crutches that may be used as a joint’s mouthpiece. However, crutches aren’t required, but they assist in supporting the mouthpiece then make a joint trouble-free to hold. Crutches also improve natural airflow through a joint, therefore lowering the danger of burning your mouth or inhaling tiny pieces while consuming cannabis.

Grab a sheet of thick paper or coverstock and pull out a rectangular strip around 1/2 inch wide to construct a crutch. Fold the majority of a paper into an accordion form, then wrap the remaining paper around the accordion. For instance, glass and wood crutches are excellent alternatives to paper crutches and are available in cigarette stores, head shops, and pharmacies.

Crutches are often referred to as filters or tips. Some people refer to them as roaches. However, a roach is a final burned piece of the smoked joint.

Step 3: Load The Joint.

Make sure the rolling paper’s adhesive side is facing outward on the tray. To make the mouthpiece, place the crutch wherever you want it and sprinkle cannabis on the paper inside a column that is aligned with it. Avoid overstuffing the joint by distributing the blossom evenly.

To make a cone joint, start with a small amount of cannabis at the mouthpiece and gradually increase the amount toward the tip.

Step 4: Roll The Joint.

The sticky side should be facing away from you while picking up this cannabis-filled paper. Fold your papers into a taco form with both thumbs and pointer finger and sift them back and forth while spreading the bud equally and compacting it a little. It doesn’t matter if any of the flowers fall out; you can always put them back in. You don’t want it to be too loose or too tight, but you don’t want it to be too free either.

Tuck the non-sticky side of a rolling sheet over the cannabis and roll it carefully towards the sticky side, tucking the bud in as you go. Then, roll with your thumbs and support the outside with your pointer fingers. To progressively seal the joint, lick or moisten the sticky glue and begin at the mouthpiece end.

Once it’s sealed, use a chopstick, pen, or other long, cylindrical instrument to fit the cannabis comfortably toward this mouthpiece. That’s where you may replenish any cannabis that was lost throughout the rolling process.

Step 5: Seal The Deal.

Curl the excess paper somewhere at the joint’s tip to secure it all in place.


Your ability to build joints like an expert will improve with effort and patience. Whatever your smoking preference, there is an alternative to the traditional joint. Nevertheless, there are other options for cannabis consumption, such as dabbing rigs, vaporizers, and edibles. You can resort to this if rolling a joint doesn’t work out for you.

Moreover, it’s important to remember to consume marijuana responsibly at all times. Beginners should start with a tiny dose and evaluate its effects before moving on to a larger quantity.

A quick and easy method to roll a good joint
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