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Whether you are an experienced toker or a skilled farmer, you may have wondered if you were maintaining your marijuana right. There are numerous matters to bear in mind about hashish renovation, and it’s vital to realize what elements make the difference. Let’s check those elements in more fantastic features, starting with the importance of why you must preserve your scientific marijuana nicely and the components that can cause damage to your stash.

The Satisfactory Way To Store Cannabis

The golden rule is to preserve marijuana in a cool, darkish, and dry area. However, a dry, dark, and cool storage is the crucial thing to achieve. Check some of the quality places to keep your flowers and marijuana in optimal condition while considering factors, such as humidity, temperature, and air. You must avoid exposing your marijuana stash to high or low humidity, high temperatures, sun, or wind. These may end up affecting the quality, energy, and taste of your flower to vanish over time.

Top Of The Line Weed Retention Temperature

Storing plants at excessive temperatures can cause your weed to decrease and your leaves to dry out. It may create an unsightly flavour, which will feel terrible to use. Also, keeping your stash at low temperatures can lead to deterioration of terpenes and cannabinoid content material.
It’s encouraged to save marijuana below 74 degrees as mould and mildew develop at temperatures above that limit. The ideal temperature is at around 65 degrees Fahrenheit, but not below 55 degrees.

Prevent Excessive Exposure To Light

Just like any other plant, cannabis also thrives in light in order to grow. However, note that UV rays may also degrade your cannabis. Hence, you may want to store your stash somewhere without a direct source of light, or somewhere dark.
Suppose that you can’t keep your stash in a dark vicinity. In that case, it would be best to use opaque storage or cover your storage in such a way that light cannot penetrate through it.

Lessen Its Air Exposure

High ranges of oxygen can accelerate the decomposition of cannabinoids and terpenes. Whilst the shoot is released from the air, it begins to dry out, and oxygen destroys the plant’s terpenes, cannabinoids, and other phytonutrients. To guard your stash against excess air, preserve it in a hermetic field. Too much exposure to air may cause the THCA to slowly convert to THC and CBN, a substance recognized to help with sleep.

Reduce Moisture

Retaining the proper humidity levels while storing cannabis is essential. High humidity may be a breeding ground for mildew and mould, and coffee humidity can cause dehydration and degradation of cannabinoids and terpenes. It’s far encouraged to keep the RH among 54 and 63% in terms of relative humidity. Moreover, it’s far less complicated than ever with merchandise on the market, together with Boveda moisture packs, to the location immediately within the container you have chosen to save.

Glass Or Plastic: Which Container Is Better When It Comes To Cannabis Storage?

While it may be more fragile than other containers, storing your cannabis in glass containers is by far the best option. This is because containers made of plastic may have an effect on the taste and aroma of your cannabis over time.
Aside from that, plastic containers give of static charges which reduce the potency of your cannabis. Hence, using a glass container is more reliable than plastic.

Is Refrigerating Weed Effective In Keeping It Fresh?

This is a common misconception when it comes to cannabis storage. However, refrigerating your weed should never be an option.
This is because a refrigerator’s condensation is very detrimental to your weed. It will cause mildew and molds, which will end up destroying your cannabis.


There are some stuff you ought to and should not do whilst storing plants and different marijuana products properly. For instance, it’s always recommended that cannabis be saved in a cool, darkish place and not somewhere with direct light. Also, when it comes to storage, glass bins are better in comparison to plastic ones.
Furthermore, storing marijuana in an airtight field, glass container in a cool, dark place dramatically reduces the chance of harm in your cannabinoids and terpenes as you avoid exposure to excessive temperatures, air, mild and moisture. As we have discovered, all of those factors can purpose harm the efficiency and taste of cannabis. So, if you’re planning to store your stash, don’t forget these hints and make sure to share them with others!

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