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The difference between male and female cannabis plants

The difference between male and female cannabis plants

A problem that cannabis growers often encounter, is telling the difference between a male and female cannabis plant. To understand the difference, you need to be familiar with the hereditary functions of both of them.
Regular cannabis seeds give you a 50% chance of growing a male plant and 50% chance of growing a female plant. Female plants produce flowers and when these flowers are harvested and dried, they are the cannabis. Male cannabis plants don’t produce any flowers, but exude pollen that will pollinate the female plants. When the female plant has been pollinated, it ‘ll produce seeds instead of cannabis. The THC levels of the female plant will decrease and the buds will be filled with seeds. If you want to grow cannabis, you ‘ll need female plants. And if you’ve got male plants in your grow room, you ‘ll need to remove these. But how can you recognize these male plants?

Male cannabis plants

Male cannabis plants are often tall and thin, haven’t got many branches and only a few leaves. A male cannabis plant usually looks rather unhealthy because it mainly grows in height. This makes it a very lanky plant. A male cannabis plant has little round balls in its nodes, doesn’t produce any flowers and has low THC levels. You only need a male cannabis plant if you want to produce your own seeds. If you want to grow cannabis, you’ll need to remove the male plants from your grow room.

Female cannabis plants

Female cannabis plants look healthy and strong and have many branches. They don’t just grow in height, but also in width. At the start of the blooming season female cannabis plants will grow little hairs on the ends of their branches. You can also recognize a female plant by its nodes. Here you ‘ll find little balls with a tiny hair growing out of them. If you want to grow cannabis, you ‘ll need a female cannabis plant. Female cannabis plants produce the flowers and are high in THC. If you buy feminised seeds, you ‘ll have a 95% chance to grow a female plant.

The difference between male and female cannabis plants
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