The advantages of auto-flowering cannabis seeds

The biggest advantage of these seeds is that when the plant is fully grown it automatically shoots into bloom. It does not depend on waiting for less sunlight. The number of sunshine hours have no significant affect on the auto-flowering cannabis seeds. Any light pollution in the night hours have little to no effect on these wonderful seeds. The same goes for any irregularities in certain periods of darkness and light. Of course, if you are breeding indoors you can still apply the eighteen hours daylight principle, but it’s no longer a necessity. Therefore, converting to the twelve-twelve principle now belongs to the past.

How is the auto-flowering principle possible?

The auto-flowering cannabis seeds come from a unique hybrid of a Sativa or Indica Ruderalis plant. The latter provides the unique characteristics of this auto-flowering cannabis seeds. The Ruderalis plant is native to colder regions in contrast to the Sativa and Indica plants and therefore need less time to bloom. The plant has developed an “internal clock” and puts itself into bloom after about two, to three weeks. The cultivation results of the Ruderalis plant is usually less, hence the cross-breeding with a Sativa or Indica!