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Is it possible that cannabis will spoil?

Is it possible that cannabis will spoil?

Is it possible that cannabis will spoil?

There is no definitive expiration date on cannabis, just like food. However, this does not mean that your cannabis will be the same if you leave it for months. It all depends on how you saved it. Your weed will still look the same after a long time. Although you can still smoke it, the chemical structure of the cannabis has changed considerably. It all depends on the storage method. What is the best way to save your weed?

Don’t just let your cannabis lie

If you do not store your weed properly, it can become brown and brittle. Fortunately, it is not a huge investment to keep your weed good for a long time. There is a cheap way to keep weed good for a long time.

Keep your weed in glass jars

Keeping weed in glass jars is a method that is by far the most used. The pots are hard, airtight and therefore odorless. Keep in mind that it is best to store these pots in dark places with a cool temperature.

Weed in the freezer

This method is primarily intended for storing large quantities for a very long time. If you want to keep weed in the freezer, use two plastic bags on top of each other and then wrap it in aluminum foil. However, it is important that the weed does not have to deal with changing temperatures. So once you take it out, it’s not wise to put it in the freezer. Remember that your weed must be well dried and aged before it can be put in the freezer.

Is it possible that cannabis will spoil?
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