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Hydroculture cultivation is simply water-based cultivation. This is the most advanced way of growing cannabis so far. According to professional growers, this also yields the best results. With Hydro cultivation it is important to dose the food correctly, which makes it difficult to grow. With Hydro cultures it is important that the roots are absolutely not exposed to light. This is because the nutrients are broken down by light.
Hydroponics cultivation with rock wool
Rock wool is light, cheap and takes up a lot of water. Rock wool can be found in every hardware store or online grow shop. Rock wool is known for its high pH value. We therefore advise you to require the pH value before you put your plant or seed in it. You can read here how to check your pH value.
Hydroponics with clay pellets
Clay pellets are available in every hardware store and online grow shop. Clay pellets have various advantages such as that they can be used for a long time and can be reused. Clay granules absorb the moisture so that it retains for a long time and gradually releases. However, the roots are less able to nestle. Do you still want to grow on clay pellets? Then we advise to first place the seedling in a block with rock wool!
Required products to be able to grow on Hydro
Rock wool cubes
Plant food suitable for growing on hydro
It is worth the investment to purchase a complete food line
Water pump
Water hoses and pipes
Medium trays and water trays
Air pump (for example for aquarium)
Air hose and sparkling stone
Heating element (for example for aquarium)
Leakage protection (do not cut back on this)
Extraction and carbon filter
Grow light
Termo and hydro meter
EC and PH meter and means to adjust your PH value
Dear these products

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