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How do I improve my cannabis harvest

How do I improve my cannabis harvest?

How do I improve my cannabis harvest?

Growing cannabis can be a lengthy process. We understand that you ultimately want to be rewarded with a good harvest. However, the end results can sometimes be disappointing. How can you ensure that you get the best results from your cannabis plants? There are a number of things that you should keep in mind.

Climate control
It is extremely important to grow the plants in the right climate. Extreme heat or cold can cause severe damage to your plants. A very big advantage of growing your plants indoors is that you can fully control the temperature yourself. This can be done by means of heat lamps and a ventilation system. We recommend that the temperature during the day (with the lights on) vary between 21 and 29 ° C. During the night the temperature is between 14 and 21 ° C. In addition, make sure that you monitor the humidity.

Provide adequate nutrition

Nutrition of the plant is extremely important for achieving a desired end result. However, make sure you do not give your plant too many nutrients. Over fertilization of the plant is something that can certainly kill the plant. Over-fertilization is noticeable when the tips of the leaves start to turn yellow. In addition to the correct specific nutrition, the plant also requires an enormous amount of water.

Use trellis

A cannabis plant can sometimes have difficulty supporting itself while growing. Try to give a cannabis plant the right structure for better developments. Trellis is a perfect solution for this. The plants can stand upright and will remain separate from each other. A wooden slat next to the plant can be exactly the extra support that will make your plant grow successfully.

How do I improve my cannabis harvest
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