Differences between indica and sativa

Marijuana offers many different benefits. There are a lot of different marijuana varieties available. However, marijuana can be divided into two different variants. Namely indica and sativa. There are also Hybrid types of weed, this is a mix of indica and sativa. But what exactly are the differences between these two variations?

Cannabis Indica

The Cannabis Indica plant is obtained most from countries such as Pakistan, Afghanistan and India. They mainly flower in the drier areas. This makes the plants a bit more bushy, so a bit shorter and wider in length. To catch more sunlight, the plant contains thicker and larger leaves. Because the plants are not able to withstand humidity, they develop quickly in relation to the Cannabis Sativa plant. They do this to prevent the fungal growth that may occur during the fall.


The effects of the Cannabis Indica can mainly be felt in the body. It gives a narcotic effect and provides relaxation. Thanks to the slow feeling you get the typical “stoned” effect. Indica could be a perfect species to use for sleeping problems, for example.

Cannabis sativa

Cannabis Sativa is mainly found in places with a warm climate, where the growing season is long and fertile. Many Sativa species come from countries such as India, Mexico, Thailand and Colombia. It can take a long time for a Sativa plant to flower, up to 12 weeks. The leaves of the sativa plant are often long and narrow. A Sativa plant can also grow very high, there are various species that can grow up to 3 meters high in an outdoor nursery.


One of the great features of the Sativa species is that you will not get tired of it. It gives a high where you will feel more active and clear compared to the high of an Indica strain.