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Why does cannabis make you feel hungry?

The simple answer is that you feel hungry because your stomach is empty. But that’s really basic, so let’s break it down. Think of your stomach like a car fuel tank for example. You don’t want to run out of gas because that could cause major damage to your body. So as the needle on your dashboard moves closer and closer to becoming empty, you become extra motivated to stop and refill your tank. A similar thing happens in your stomach. Your body doesn’t want to run out of energy because that would cause major pain. While your body’s energy decrease, your stomach and gastrointestinal tract begin to produce the hormone called ‘ghrelin’. Over the time your ghrelin levels get high enough that they trigger the hypothalamus in your brain. When that happens, other hormones like Leptin are released which make you feel hungry. Like ghrelin, leptin follows a certain route through your body and eventually end up in your brains. The first thing it does when it gets there is to meet your hypothalamu. That affection makes your hypothalamus release other hormones that make you feel full. When you feel full, you’re less motivated to keep on eating more. After you stop eating, this entire process starts over until you’re hungry again and ready to eat another meal. All of this occurs because your body produces its own cannabinoids.

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