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The Netherlands ban the public consumption of cannabis.

Once again there’s a discussion growing about the public use of cannabis in the Netherlands. This time, however, it’s not about the well known coffeeshops but about the public use of cannabis in the centre of The Hague. This is a result of many complaints received from local residents because of cannabis related disturbance. Other cities are already considering to follow up on The Hague on the new law enforcement to reduce the amount of complaints aswell. Over the years, the Netherlands earned a reputation as the drug-friendly nation. The reason why is because, even though it’s illegal, officials tolerate the use and trade of cannabis. This is a major tourist magnet, drawing thousands of visitors every year. There are more than 600 coffee shops located in the Netherlands, which reside in a quarter of all cities. Since they are faced with the unpopularity of restricting the use of cannabis, the Dutch officials are now trying a different approach by banning just the public use. The ban specifically hit The Hague’s city centre, central station and all shopping areas. At first they wanted a global city-wide ban ben instead they targeted high traffic areas. The ban is set for atleast two years and police is already enforcing this new law and issue warnings to anyone violating it. So next time you are thinking about visiting The Hague, beware of this new law.

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