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Is all cannabis qualified for medical use?

Is all cannabis qualified for medical use?
The answer to this question is quite simple. Yes, even when you are using cannabis recreationally it is benefiting your health. Some examples of these benefits include eating more, lowering stress and getting to sleep properly. Another method to determine whether the usage is medical or not is the method of ingestion. The person who’s using cannabis for medical purposes may well need a specific dosage of cannabinoids and terpenoids, as well as specific cannabinoid-terpenoid profiles. Patients need an ingestion method that is safe and easy to control for psychoactive effects. However most bongs and vaporizers do not tend to be able to fulfil those requirements even though these methods are “healthier” than smoking a joint. Other methods of ingestion, such as tinctures and patches, as well as prescription drugs such as dronabinol, which is usually available in capsules, are generally the preferred method for medical cannabis use. However, many believe all cannabis use has medical properties of some sort. Why? Well, it’s because everyone has an endocannabinoid system (ECS), and using cannabis based medications appropriately may help to keep the body in homeostasis whether you’re sick or not. Cannabis might be able to help preventing cancer and other diseases in the first place and this is definitely something we need to keep researching in the future.

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