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How long does THC stay in your system?

How long does THC stay in your system?
So how long does weed actually stay in your system after consuming? It is impossible for anyone to accurately state the time it would take for somebody to test clean. This is because there are so many different variables that impact on the rate that marijuana is both metabolized and excreted.The most common way to to test the THC level in your body, is by using a simple urine test. It’s the cheapest way and it has the longest detection period. Urine and other tests like it do not test for THC itself specifically, but rather for a THC metabolite called THC-COOH. When this metabolite is found in your body, it means your body has recently processed cannabis. The length of the detection time depends on how often you consume. THC is mainly stored in your body’s fat and is acummulating in your body over time. The method of ingestion doesn’t really matter, the more you consume the longer it will be detectable. Here’s howlong cannabis can be detected in your system in general:
For single use: up to 7 days
For frequent use: up to 14 days
For regular use: up to 30 days
For heavy use: up to 45-77 days
If you consume cannabis on a regular basis, the chances are THC will remain in your urine for even up to a month after stopping. Cannabis stays in the system longer than almost all other chemicals in the body because it accumulates in body fat. However, everyone knows that you´re not necessarily high 12 hours after use.

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