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Because coconut retains water for a long time, the plants receive a constant stream of nutrients and minerals. Cocos is 100% Organic and benefits the taste of the harvest!
Advantages and disadvantages of growing on Cocos ”
The disadvantage of growing by means of Cococ is the mourning mosquito, which means that you can expand your predator. Cocos starts to dry out at a temperature of 28 degrees. Do not use cocos in combination with soil. Keep to the breeding schedule because cocos are mainly dependent on the right food.
Required products to be able to grow on Cocos
Rock wool cubes
Plant food suitable for growing on hydro
It is worth the investment to purchase a complete food line
Water pump
Water hoses and pipes
Medium trays and water trays
Air pump (for example for aquarium)
Air hose and sparkling stone
Heating element (for example for aquarium)
Leakage protection (do not cut back on this)
Extraction and carbon filter
Grow light
Termo and hydro meter
EC and PH meter and means to adjust your PH value
Dear these products

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