Which culture medium is the best? This is different for everyone and everyone also has their own preference for a type of culture medium. Make your choice by weighing the pros and cons of each type of culture medium against each other.
– Product of mother nature
– Fuller in taste
– Organic
– Easier
– Can take longer
– Less ability to get nutrition
– Indicas up to a week longer
– Sativa up to 2 weeks longer
– Unwanted ingredients
– Same result as Hydro but in pot
– Airy
– Easy to apply to a pH value
– Stays good for several harvests
– More difficult
– First wash and steam for salt bacteria
– The way of growing hemp
– Can be used on mineral wool
– Can be used on clay pellets
– They are cheaper than Earth and or coco
– You need less (with deep water culture. With the roots “loose” in the water)
– Nutritional value is almost zero, so you have complete nutrition under control
– Less sensitive to insects.
– A little more revenue
– You have complete control over the nutrients
– You can harvest earlier and shorten the growth phase by approximately 2 weeks
– hydro you run less risk of pests and diseases
– Problems with nutrition are solved much faster
– You no longer have to buy soil and your medium is often reusable
– Coconut gives you many of the benefits of hydroponic cultivation, but looks like an earth crop
– You can automate your cultivation almost completely with systems such as DWC (bubble buckets) and airoponics
– Exuberant growth and often a better harvest

– Strict penalties
– Many necessary products
Required products to be able to grow on Hydro
– Rock wool cubes
– food suitable for growing on hydro
– It is worth the investment to purchase a complete food line
– Water pump
– Water hoses and pipes
– Bake medium and – bake water
– Air pump (for example for aquarium)
– Air hose and sparkling stone
– Heating element (for example for aquarium)
– Leakage protection (do not cut back on this)
– Fan
– Extraction and carbon filter
– Grow light
– Termo and hydro meter
– EC and PH meter and means to adjust your PH
Dear these products