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Are you going to smoke weed or not? You don’t choose it yourself

Are you going to blow or not? That is the question. The answer is actually quite clear: it’s not your fault, because it’s in your genes! Research from Radboud University in Virgina has shown that 35 genes determine whether or not you will smoke.
This research was conducted by research agency QIMR Berghofer, which is published in Nature Neuroscience.
Research among nearly 200,000 people has shown that 35 genes emerge more from the millions of combinations of genes that increase the influence on cannabis use.
Of course this is not the only point that might make it possible to blow. The environment and socialization also have to do with it.
The research has shown that the 35 genes that show whether someone is going to smoke faster, also come to mind when using alcohol and tobacco. These 35 genes also develop mental disorders and risky behaviors.
“Schizophrenia is one of the disorders that has been investigated. The link between weed use and schizophrenia was always present, according to the researchers, but it was not clear how it affected each other. The research by QIMR Berghofer shows that the genes that make someone more likely to smoke weed also develop schizophrenia. ”
People who smoke and have schizophrenia do this to calm down and to control their anxiety attacks. The research has not shown that smoking causes schizophrenia! weed- passes-sheets.html

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